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Anthony Harper
Writer, Actor, Producer, Director

Anthony Harper is a native Brooklynite who became interested in the theater at a young age.  This interest was deferred for a time but within the last 10
years, he realized that he had found his one dream and he needed to nurture his creative spirit.

He began working with a theater group called Absolute Theater and branched out to begin exploring deeper aspects of his creative spirit that he never
tapped into previously.

Anthony has worked extensively in the Off Off Broadway community and has appeared in various productions at the Nuyorican Poet's Café, House of
Tribes Theater, Producer's Club, Abingdon Theater and the now closed Pantheon Theater and Chelsea Playhouse. His list of acting credits include: Ulterior
Side Dishes; Saydee and Deelores; Evening Gloves; Katrina Who?; Walter, Bullets and Binoculars; This Esther and Stolen Waters Are Sweet.  He has also
appeared in a national commercial for the "Soul 70's" CD collection.

Anthony is also a writer that delves deep into the emotional center of his being for inspiration.  He writes to live and lives to write.  His writing credits include
Stolen Waters Are Sweet and a short satirical comedic skit called L’il Peter and Deep Sea Diving.  He is currently working on Sugah’s Shack which is a
exploration of addiction, temptation and redemption.

Outside of the theater and his current job at a financial based retirement company, he volunteers with a faith based organization, Community Health and
Awareness, Inc., whose mission is to empower communities of color to take control of their health.  He is actively involved with this organization and
believes its mission is very important, especially since African-Americans are disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS as well as other health concerns.